Imbolc has come and gone and I celebrated it in a small, private way. Symbolically I went into the labyrinth, my serpent spiral, right into the core and meditated long and hard about what I need to lose and what I want to do in the coming year. I cleansed myself and started selecting seeds to grow. I fed myself with the light of Brigid, my birthday goddess. Then I went outward again, into awakening. Time to prepare!

This website has been dormant for quite a while. My private life has been in turmoil this last year, especially during the last dark months.  I’ve said farewell to spirits good and bad, I have moved and am making new plans for the future. Now is a good time to breathe some life into this digital corner of the world and to start making some dreams into reality.

My plan for this website has been to broaden its scopt. It has long been my slow but evergrowing encylopdia about paganisme and witchcraft in and around the area where I live. But I also want a place to not show general knowledge, but also my personal ideas and works. Since I don’t like the idea of having to juggle several sites at once, I decided to put it all in one place: Thimsternisse.

So during the next weeks and months you will find some small changes in this website. I still like the layout so nothing will change about that, but I will slowly add extra pages and sections in which I can show more of my personal work. The (to me) most important part has already be added: please check out my artwork here!

spiral meditation serpent goddess brigid brigit imbolc

Today is the day of Bride
The serpent shall come from the hole
I shall not harm the serpent
Nor shall the serpent harm me

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