From the Dutch etymological dictionary:

deemster bn. ‘duister’ [meaning ‘dark’]
Onl. thimsternisse [ca. 1100; Will.]; mnl. demster [1287; CG II, Nat.Bl.D], deemster; vnnl. deemster ‘duister’ [1576; WNT].

This website was created from a wish to learn more about Northwest European paganism, witchcraft and folklore. I’ve been researching these topics for years now, and feel that I’d like to have a nice place where it all comes together in a handy way. There will be an emphasis on the Netherlands, since online information (especially in English) about that area seems very hard to find. But other (mainly) Northwest European areas will certainly not be forgotten.

I do not have the illusion that this website will be complete anytime soon, since these subjects are huge. Therefore, I basically consider Thimsternisse to be my personal database where I write and show everything I like about the following topics:

– personal art and journey
– cultural history and archeology
– heathen and pagan beliefs, ancient as well as modern
– witchcraft, ancient and modern
– magical folklore and superstitions
– fairy tales
– pagan art, ancient and modern
– news and actualities

Please have a look around on this evergrowing website. Nothing on this website may be used for commercial ends without my express written permission. If you want to use something on this site, or if you have a question or a suggestion, please contact me through the following form:

Thank you!

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