Sacred and magical places

The idea of ‘sacred and magical places’ is not without its problems. Certainly some places are considered sacred by modern pagans and occult practicioners, that may not have been sacred or religious by their original users. The same goes for magical places. Then again, there have undoubtedly been many magical/sacred places that have been lost to our modern culture. This has (among other things) to do with the concepts of ‘sacredness’, ‘religion’, ‘ritual’ and ‘magic’ which have changed greatly over time. Of course, the lines between these concepts can not always be drawn as black and white as I have typed them down here. I try to stick to places that were considered sacred and/or magical during or since ancient times, but not necessarily on our time. I might add strictly modern places too, if there is a good reason to do so.

Temple of Kessel


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