Heksen in Holland – upcoming documentary by Silver Circle

I learned through the Wild Hunt website, that Silver Circle is working on a documentary about Wicca in the Netherlands. To be more precise, they have started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund this project.

Silver Circle is the best known wiccan group in the Netherlands, and they formed exactly 35 years ago.To celebrate this, the year will be filled with all kinds of happenings and projects, and this is one of them.

Although at the moment they’re nowhere near their goal (still 53 days to go as we speak!), they have already started filming this documentary. From what I gather it will show portraits of modern witches in the Netherlands. You can get a taste of the whole thing here (transcript is below – I didn’t catch a few words, so help is welcome):

Transcript :

White on black text: ”There once was a witch’

Young woman in room: ‘I still know when I was little, that I told my teacher “My mother is a witch!” and she thought I simply had a big imagination, which I do have. But then my mother once visited school, and my teacher told her, and then, eh, my mother said “But yes, I am!”. ‘

White on black text: ‘Witches in Holland’

Older woman in room: ‘It was actually because of my neighbour […? couldn’t really make out…], who gave as a presence during the delivery of my eldest daughter, or afterwards of course, eh, the book Mists of Avalon, eh, and I devoured it, it’s really destroyed, really destroyed […?couldn’t make out…]

White on black text: fall 2015


4 gedachtes over “Heksen in Holland – upcoming documentary by Silver Circle

  1. Hey there! Many thanks for covering the documentary ‘Heksen in Holland’!

    I am one of the film makers and would love to provide an update for you. I can also translate the entire trailer for you, plus… there is a new trailer! Contact me if interested. With kind regards, Marjolein


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